Spencer County Jail

The Spencer County Jail is "open" 24-hours-a-day. At the point when you call, give the staff part the name of who you are searching for and a birthdate or age on the off chance that you have it. That individual will inform you as to whether your prisoner is there. 

At least you will require a first and last name. On the off chance that you can give the center name or starting that is surprisingly better. Ideally you will likewise have the prisoner's birthdate, yet on the off chance that not, an expected age will help. 

If you do not know what county jail the prisoner is situated in; it serves to in any event know the geographic territory. Realizing what express the prisoner is in is acceptable; knowing which county is stunningly better. 

At times, there will be more than one chance. Use tolerance and check them all. Go here to begin on a quest for any jail in the province of Indiana or go to this page to start a quest for all jails in the US. 

On the off chance that your prisoner has been charged yet not yet indicted for a wrongdoing or a lawful offense, the individual will no doubt be held in Spencer County inside the county where the wrongdoing happened. On the off chance that you just have the city name, investigate the city's police division, call, and inquire as to whether they keep prisoners at a neighborhood jail or send them to the county jail. If they are sent to the Spencer County Jail, either find them here or call 812-649-2286 for help. 

As of late indicted criminals are some of the time held at Spencer County Jail until transport to an Indiana State Jail is accessible. Detainees condemned to short of what one-year imprisonment or those sentenced to spend time in jail for crimes will do their time in the Spencer County Jail framework.

Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting is required for criminal personal investigations through the Province of Indiana. This might be mentioned for business, state lodging, appropriation, and the military. 

Free of Charge

This administration is sans given of charge at the Spencer County Sheriffs' Area of expertise or the Jail. 


The Sheriffs' authoritative office can uniquely mark during business long periods of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. After business hours and on ends of the week, contact the Jail for fingerprinting. 

Report Photos & Copies

Report Copies

To acquire a duplicate of a mishap or case report you may either go to the Sheriffs' Organization Office or solicitation a duplicate via mail. The expense for a duplicate of a report is $5. We will acknowledge money, check, or cash request made payable to Spencer County Sheriff. The charge is expected at the hour of receipt of the report. It would be ideal if you call early to watch that finished report is prepared and on record. Just reports worked by the Spencer County Sheriffs' Area of expertise are accessible here. 

Report Photos

To buy duplicates of photographs from a Mishap or Case report contact the organization office at the Sheriffs' Area of expertise. Cost is $25 per Disc. The report will determine if photographs were taken. If it is not too much trouble check with the workplace before mentioning to ensure the photographs are prepared for procurement.

About Spencer County

Spencer region bears the name of the energetic Skipper Spier Spencer, of Harrison district, who fell in the skirmish of Tippecanoe. 

 The south piece of the region is level, the center undulating, and the upper east bumpy. The dirt, generally, is a rich, dark topsoil, with an under soil of yellow earth, blended in with sand. Although in places steep slopes or broad pads do not energize farming enhancements, the predominant timber was Oak, Hickory, Debris, Poplar, Dark gum, Pecan, Sugar beech, and so on. Huge yields of corn are raised on the broad waterway bottoms; and, in the inside, tobacco, corn, wheat, grass, and other grain. 

 Rockport is the province seat an exuberant town on the Ohio stream.


The county government is an established body and is conceded explicit powers by the Constitution of Indiana, and by the Indiana Code. 

County Council

The county gathering is the authoritative part of the county government and controls all the spending and income assortment in the county. Delegates are chosen from county regions. The gathering individuals serve four-year terms. They are answerable for setting compensations, the yearly financial plan, and exceptional spending. The chamber additionally has restricted power to force nearby assessments, as a pay and property charge that is liable to state level endorsement, extract duties, and administration charges. 

Board of Commissioners

The official body of the county is made of a leading group of chiefs. The officials are chosen county-wide, in stunned terms, and every serve a four-year term. One of the officials, commonly the most senior, fills in as president. The magistrates are accused of executing the demonstrations enacted by the board, gathering income, and dealing with the everyday elements of the county government. 


The county keeps up a little cases court that can deal with some polite cases. The appointed authority on the court is chosen for a term of four years and must be an individual from the Indiana Bar Affiliation. The adjudicator is helped by a constable who is likewise chosen for a four-year term. Now and again, court choices can be spoke to the state level circuit court. 

County Officials

The county has a few other chosen workplaces, including sheriff, coroner, examiner, treasurer, recorder, assessor, and circuit court representative. Every one of these chosen officials serves a term of four years and regulates an alternate piece of county government. Individuals chose for county government positions are required to pronounce party affiliations and to be occupants of the county. 

Spencer County is a piece of Indiana's eighth congressional area and is spoken to in Congress by Republican Larry Bucshon.