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Dale, Indiana, USA

Dale is located 18 miles north of Rockport on Highway 231.

Along with Rockport, Dale is a center of commerce and community activities in Spencer County.

The town of more than 2,000 is home to several dozen businesses and will probably be growing by leaps and bounds in coming years.

The town is in the process of annexation and is looking at investing in extending services to a larger area to the west, east and north of town.

In the northeast corner of the county, Dale was a relative late bloomer. Although the first pioneers of the area were living on and working the land prior to 1820 (there was even a log cabin school at that time), the town was not officially organized until 1843. the town was first named Elizabeth, but later renamed after Robert Dale Owen, then a member of the U. S. Congress.

The town had grown to about 1,000 by 1960 and was a vital center of commerce, trade, community events and education for surrounding areas.

Today, the town bustles with industry and service sector jobs.

Dale is ideally situated close to Interstate 64 and is already experienced significant commercial growth near I-64. One new hotel, the Baymont Suites, is already open for business, even through construction began in late spring. Another hotel, which broke ground in the summer, is nearly completed.

The town's industrial park is home to two well-established and thriving companies--Spencer Plastics and Thermwood Industries.

Dale is also home to a Fall Fest which rival the County Fair and the 4-H Fair in size and entertainment. Usually scheduled for early September, the Dale Fall Fest attracts hundreds of people from all over Spencer County, as well as surrounding counties.

In 1993, Dale celebrated its 150th anniversary with an especially festive Fall Fest.

In 1994, the community center was completely renovated. The center provides indoor recreational activity in the refurbished gym. The outdoor facilities include three lighted baseball fields, playground equipment and one lighted tennis court.

In recent months, the Dale Chamber of Commerce has experienced a strong rejuvenation. The organization, with new leadership, has opened an office in a previously-vacant office building and is planning a wide range of new programs and activities for the coming year.