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Spencer County
Community Foundation
A member of the Community Foundation Alliance, Inc.

Barbara Hinton
Foundation Coordinator

321 Main Street, Suite B
PO Box 3
Rockport, Indiana 47635

Phone 812-649-5724

e-mail [email protected]
Spencer County Community Foundation Site


The Spencer County Community Foundation was formed in 1996, when a group of civic-minded leaders in the community organized a volunteer board of trustees out of a desire to improve the quality of life in our county. The Foundation is a charitable organization through which people, families, businesses, and organizations carry out their charitable giving and from which nonprofit organizations and programs seek funding. By acting as a conduit between the two, the Community Foundation achieves its mission of enhancing the lives of all Spencer County residents.

The Community Foundation is made up of a collection of endowed funds established by donors from all walks of life and generally focused on charitable endeavors in our community. Because grants and scholarships are made based only on the income generated from the endowment, leaving the principal intact, donors have the ideal opportunity to help their community meet the needs we know about today while preparing for the challenges we are sure to face in the future. Some donors create funds that serve a particular charity, some support different needs from year to year, some specify a particular field of need such as education, and others give but allow the Foundation’s trustees to determine how their gift will best serve the community.

The Foundation is represented by civic leaders who live and work in Spencer County and who are motivated by a true desire to help their neighbors, colleagues, and friends connect with the charities they care about in a meaningful and lasting way. In addition, they are dedicated to making grantmaking decisions based on their first-hand knowledge of the community’s needs.

Donors can create an endowed fund with a gift of $10,000 or more or a promise of $10,000 over five years. Most of the time, creating a fund is fast and easy and can be accomplished with a variety of gift types: cash, real estate, closely held stock, insurance, or any other asset that carries no unusual liability. Funds also can be created through a trust, will, or bequest. Our donors are as diverse as the people living and working in our county. Some are very wealthy; most are not. As diverse as donors may be, their Community Foundation provides vehicles to help them accomplish their long-term charitable goals.

Many donors give gifts to existing funds as a tribute to the founder of the fund or the fund’s purpose, in memory or honor of someone special, and even to recognize a special event, like a birthday or anniversary. Not only are these gifts a wonderful way to honor someone special, they help the fund to grow, increasing its ability to serve the community through grants. These gifts, which can be of any amount, provide the means for anyone to be a philanthropist.

The Community Foundation is a member of the Community Foundation Alliance, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, publicly supported charitable organization. Gifts to the Foundation qualify for charitable gift deductions to the extent of the law. In addition to the Spencer County Community Foundation, the Alliance provides leadership and support to eight other community foundations serving southwestern Indiana.

Gifts that have not been restricted to a particular purpose allow the Foundation to solicit proposals for competitive grants based on criteria developed by its trustees. Grantmaking programs focus on charitable endeavors that serve the community in youth and community development, education, arts and culture, and health and human services.

For more information about the Spencer County Community Foundation, contact Barbara Hinton, Community Foundation Coordinator.